Micro Markets For Breakrooms in Southern Oregon & Northern California

Transform your breakroom with a self-checkout QM marketplace professionally designed for your location.

Unnlimited Selection

Select products your customer will love no matter how many!

Energy Saving Machines

Lower energy footprint and costs with a different mode

Digital Signage & Marketing

We'll help boost micro market awareness to your whole team

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Self-Service Kiosks

Offer more with a self-serving kiosk machine in your breakroom!

Micro Markets - QM Marketplace

Generate employee excitement with a self service QM Marketplace!

Quail Mountain Inc. is proud to offer a Revolutionary Alternative to traditional Vending. Quail Mountain is now bringing a fully stocked Self Checkout Convenience store into your local work places. Quail Mountain Micro Markets are fully stocked with traditional and exciting new Healthy products. Choose from Freshly made Sandwiches and Salads, to one of our many Entrees for your lunch, and have an Ice Cream for dessert.

Professional Merchandisers
Professional Installation Team

What's a QM Marketplace?

Increased Happiness

When an employee feels like you care about their well-being. they are more inclined to be satisfied at work and more productive.

Unique Appearance

Your market will fit wherever you have space and can be customized from head-to-toe or should we say look-to-products, for your location.

Increased Productivity

Not only do the happier employees show increased productivity, but employees with easy access to healthy snacks and meals are less likely to be distracted at work.

QM Marketplace Features

Easy To Use

Intuitive software on a state-of-the-art touch screen. We keep shelves stocked and cleaned frequently.

Payment Compatibility

Our kiosks are PCI compliant and work with merchants all over the world accepting debt/credit payments.

Security Monitoring

We use CCTV camera systems to monitor all of our QM Marketplace markets.

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