Vending Machines For Breakrooms in Southern Oregon & Northern California

Elevate breakrooms to cutting-edge technology.

Made In USA

Quality and built to last.

Energy Saving Machines

Save money while gaining money.

ADA Compliant

Quality and built to last.

Vending Machines

Offer more with State-of-the-Art vending & snack machines

We are a Full line Vending Operator offering Cold & Hot Beverage, Snack and Cold Food Vending equipment. We provide Products from many Nationally known suppliers as well as state and local suppliers. Beverages that include products from both Pepsi and Coke, Rockstar, Red Bull, and snacks from Frito-Lay, Mars & Nabisco.

24/7 Emergency Support
Tap & Go Feature!

Easily allow customers to pay with cash, apple pay, credit or debt, or phone wallet!

"What Vending Machines Do You Carry?"

Snack Machines

Enhance snack time with a diverse range of treats, providing quick and accessible options for employee cravings without leaving the workplace.

Beverage Machines

Keep employees refreshed with a variety of beverages, conveniently available in the breakroom vending machines.

Healthy Vending

Offering wide options like lunchables and sandwiches, promoting convenient access to nutritious meals during breaks.

How Do Your Vending Machines Work?

Quail Mountain Coffee & Vending Benefits

FREE Installation on Your Vending Machines

Low Maintenance and Operational Costs:

Vending machines are cost-effective with minimal maintenance needs, and features like cashless payments reduce the need for constant monitoring and cash handling.

Customizable Product Selection:

Owners can tailor the vending machine's product selection to match employee preferences and dietary needs, ensuring a diverse and appealing range of options.

Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

Convenient access to a variety of snacks and beverages enhances employee satisfaction, fostering a positive work environment and ultimately boosting productivity.

Time and Cost-Efficiency

With a breakroom vending machine, employees save time by avoiding trips off-site for snacks, promoting a more focused and efficient work atmosphere.

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